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From: jerry kellogg
Subject: Early morning woodieI went to work with a hard on this morning, rode my bike the mile to the
bus stop with it hard, being rubbed with every pump of the pedal, one hand
rubbing the head making it leak. I had it pulled out the bottom of my
shorts, wondering if someone in an office could look out and see the guy
riding his bike while he masturbated. All I thought young young girls about was jacking off
once I made it into the stall one floor below mine. I always get in the
elevator and go up one, or down one floor to have a "session". I loved
jacking off while peeking through the crack in the stalls, looking to see
if anyone looked my way as I knew they could hear the precum noises my fist
makes as it was on the upstroke.I work on the 51 floor of a 112 story building. I change when I get to my
office floor, so my rod was still slightly evident by the time I reached
the elevator if you looked that Philadelphia young professionals
way. I love the hell out of walking trying
to lose my hard on as I make my way through the parking garage, allowing
the men in their cars parking to see my length though my shorts, knowing
full well the short dicked execs envy it. Getting pushed into the back of
the elevator put a guy?s ass right up against my cock. We both knew
something was about to happen, just didn't know how far this episode would
go as I quickly grew to length. He was fuckin with me. So many hot chicks
in there, smelling good, tits spilling out on their way to tease the boss,
the lurch of the elevator at each floor. FUCK. I felt him reach around
and squeeze my shaft through my shorts, just holding it, squeezing it to
make sure it didn't get soft. He'd lean forward; pull it, sort of a slow
jack in one direction, then lean back and finish the down stroke, squeeze.
His hands moved to petite young girls my nut sac as he spoke with a black gal that appeared
ready to get fucked from the looks of her sexy boots, short skirt, and her
unforgettable nipples. She HAD to know they were hard, I thought about
them, her, figured her nipples were on display for all to see just as my
cock had been on display in the parking garage.The first 10 floors had people coming and going on each floor. This wasn't
the express elevator either.... On the 12th floor his hands moved into my
shorts and began an earnest masturbation session. Others oblivious to his
arm slight movement, my hand now on his shoulder, my shoulders up against
the wall of the elevator.The 23rd floor finally left us alone.As the doors closed he moved me to standing directly in front of the doors,
pulled my shorts down to my ankles and stood behind me, jacking me off
slowly. He whispered "That your floor?" I nodded..."I wonder if anyone
will be waiting to get on?", one hand on each nut now, pulling in opposite
directions, my cock bobbing in the direction of the nut being pulled
hardest. "Put your hands behind your back" - I did. As the doors opened
he reached for 112 and pushed it, stroking my cock with blazing speed. No
one was in sight, and the doors closed.......Up young cute boys we went. "Count them........" He slowed to a stoke per floor, edging
me. Antagonizing, cum dripping, a ribbon that was a foot long dangled and
swayed then attached itself to his wrist as it snapped into place like whip
on a pole, so hot. We hit 112 and he pushed 51.As the doors closed he asked if I wanted to cum...... I begged for it, and
he told me to hurry. He just made a fist and told me to fuck his hand.
Think of someone?s lips on your cock head. He wanted me to close my eyes,
but I couldn't take my eyes off his wedding ring young thai coconuts on that fist, he reached
around with his other hand and put both young teensex of them, fist to fist on my cock
shaft, about three inches was sticking out for the whole world to
see/suck/touch if they had been there.Fuck my hands baby, fuck them till you cum on the doors of the elevator,
think of that sexy niggar that just left us alone.... the one with the big
tits that was watching me jack your cock 3 minutes ago. Did you know she
knew???? Think of her getting in the elevator after we leave, seeing your
wads young nudist camps of young 14yo upskirt young girls cum still running down the door. Think she'd touch it? Think
she?d get hot watching it puddle on the floor? Can you see her stepping in
your cum with those fucking boots she had on, walking around with your cum
making a sticking noise with every step she takes today.....Sperm ran over
his fingers as I moaned that I was gonna cum. He let go fast and pulled my
nuts again, stopping my orgasm short, my precum strands getting shot
around, hitting my stomach, staining my riding shirt. The doors opened and
he said this is your floor, pulled my shorts up and pushed me out into the
hallway where I had to cover my groin as people walked back and forth
between offices, reading notes, jotting memos in preparation for a new
day............ I still hadn't cum.I made my way to the stairs, took my cock into my hands and..........Let me know if this was good. Finish it, beg me to finish it, lets back to
me that make me cum will get a
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